Longsleeves & Women

We can provide lots of different shirts and textiles, this is a small selection of our favourite styles.

MUSER Women’s T-Shirt (organic/fair, 180g/m²), from 6,30€ net. plus print

SHIFTS DRY STTM558 Longsleeve (organic/fair, 200g/m²), from 14,30€ net. plus print

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SHUFFLER STTM560 Longsleeve (organic/fair, 180g/m²), from 9,30€ net. plus print

EARTH POSITIVE EP02 Womens T-Shirt (organic/fair, 145g/m²), from 4,20€ net. plus print


EARTH POSITIVE EP18L Longsleeve Heavy T (organic/fair, 190g/m²), from 7,60€ net. plus print

 GILDAN ULTRA G2400 Longsleeve (203g/m²), from 9,60€ net. plus print