How should I send my files?

Please send them per E-Mail or Upload Link. Actually most files will work for us, like TIF, PDF or EPS. Make sure to send a high resolution (300dpi in printing size) or use vector-files. We’ll get in touch should problems appear.

How many colors can my artwork have?

On textiles we offer a maximum of two (sometimes three) printing colors. For prints on paper we can do up to six or even more.

What’s the max. dimensions to print on textiles?

On textiles we charge regular costs within 30cm x 42cm printing area. Oversize prints up to 33cm (width) x 45cm (hight), sometimes bigger, are possible but would charge 50% extra on top of the printing fees.

What’s the max. dimensions to print on paper?

Prints on paper can be 42cm (width) x 60cm (hight). Bigger prints might be possible but would charge extra fees.

What color references do you need?

We use the PANTONE C system, but can also use your screen colors as a reference. Variations might occur!

Can I bring my own textiles /materials to be printed on?

Yes. But please get in touch before to make sure we are able to print on these. And: Despite taking great care within the printing process we can’t guarantee that tiny mistakes won’t happen.

What kind of inks do you use?

We are printing with water-based inks (Sico, Magna, Sebek and CHT). These are eco-friendly and non-toxic (free of solvents, heavy metals, formaldehyde, PVC and flexibilizer). On dark garments we prefer Discharge-Inks. The original dye of the fabric is bleached within the printing process and covered with a thin layer of pigments. As a result the print has a softer touch, discharge prints are great for big prints, fine details and halftones. For the most part the inks we use are GOTS certified and all our inks are vegan.

Is there a minimum order?

There is fixed costs for every job when it comes to making films, burning screens, setting up the machine, etc. That’s why smaller runs are rather pricy and we recommend printing a minimum of 30 pieces.

Can I ask for a printed sample before placing my order?

Yes, but this will cost around 30 – 50€ net.

Can I mix different styles, colors and sizes within one job?

That’s possible, but the print needs to be the exactly same for each item. For combining t-shirts and tote bags we’d need to charge a fee of 10€ net. extra, since the machine requires a different set up.

I want see see the textiles myself, is it possible to come for a visit / ship me samples?

You are welcome to swing by at our shop, please make an appointment for that. If needed we can also ship samples to your place, textile costs and shipment will be charged.

The costs exceed my budget, what can I do?

Consider if your project would also look good with less colors or less printing positions. A smart artwork saves you money for the printing costs. Talk to us about special rates if your project is non profit and tries to make the world a better place.

How long does the production take?

If all the desired textiles are available, the artwork and necessary information is clear then the usual turnaround time is 10-14 days. 

I wanna do a reprint, you still have the screen?

Probably not. But we save all digital files and physical films, so we can do a 1:1 reprint any time and would give you a 10% discount on the printing costs.