First choice is TIF, but PDF, JPG, AI and EPS are also fine!

  • Resolution of 300dpi, 1:1 to the size printed on the garment
  • Make sure that the design edges have sharp contours
  • Convert all text to paths
  • Safe multi-color motives in separate layers (TIF or PSD)
  • Process colors and greyscale is not possible to print, reduce to one color (threshold / bitmap)

If you are not experienced enough, we will help making your artwork printable. Small works are free, bigger jobs are charged additionally.

Placement of the artwork

  • Art can be placed either on the front- or backside etc..
  • Usually a chestprint begins about one hand down the collar


  • Max. printing area of a T-Shirt: 32cm wide x 48cm high
  • Max. printing area of a tote bag: 31cm wide x 33cm high
  • You could print your artwork on paper first, to get a feeling for the dimensions
  • Please include the width of the motive in cm
  • Max. printing area for posters: A1

Color definition
Color definition: The Sico color palette is for a rough orientation, actual colors will differ from screen-colors. You can send Pantone (coated) codes as reference, however 100% matching can not be guaranteed.