You can send your order to post@blackinkpress.net. Any questions will be answered via e-mail or phone (+49 30 68085119). Orders should be payed in advance via bank transfer or paypal (plus paypal fee). Cash at pick up is also possible.
Following information is important:

  • Invoicing address (if different from delivery address)
  • Phone number
  • Printing files 1:1 in actual printing size, min. 300dpi

For textile printing:

  • Brand and model
  • Size(s) and color(s)
  • Ink color(s)
  • Placement (e.g. chest, back)
  • Actual printing size of artwork in cm

After recieving all necessary information and files we can start printing, which usually takes 7 – 14 days. Express jobs are possible, just get in contact.

Delivery times and shipping
Shipping within Germany (usually via UPS):

  • Standard Box up to 20kg: 8,00€ plus VAT
  • Express delivery on request
  • Shipping outside of Germany on request

Express jobs
Express jobs are possible. Usually it takes us 1-3 days (after getting all needed informations and if all printing goods are available). Extra chrage ususally is 50% on top of the regular printing costs. Express shipment on demand.

Reprint, storage of screens
We always keep files and films, so a reproduction can be made. If you plan to reprint in the near future, let us know, so we can store the screens for a while. Otherwise screens are deleted right after printing. We offer 10% discount on printing costs with every reprint.