Ink (regular)
We print with waterbased colors from our Belgian supplier Sico. This waterbased system is eco-friendly  and non-toxic (free of solvents, heavy metals, formaldehyde, PVC and flexibilizer).
There’s the watery version (Sicotex) which works great on white fabrics. It dyes the fiber and results in a pretty soft feel of the print.
To achieve bright colors on dark textiles we use the high pigmented version (Opatex). In two to three runs we print a thicker layer of ink to get a nice shiny color on dark materials.

Ink (discharge)
With our waterbased discharge ink we remove the dyeing of the textile and the natural tone of the cotton – an off white / vanilla color – appears after a heat treatment. In the same run we can add pigments which dye the textile in the color you wish. The result is a very soft hand, you can not really feel the print anymore, which is a nice option for huge prints and halftones on dark cotton.

  • basically we have to test every material if the discharge process is working, the results are always connected to material (-mix) and the dyeing process used
  • the shade of the color can always differ a little
  • a super shiny and bright white isn’t really possible, it’ll always look slightly yellowish
  • we don’t use discharge ink on tote bags
  • please wash the textiles before use, the softness appears after the first wash
  • printing costs are the same as for regular ink on dark materials, but we add 0,20€ per print for the heat treatment

Please wash all printed textiles inside out, 30°. No direkt ironing on the print.